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Don’t know if you happened to come across that “Women laughing alone with salad” meme on The Hairpin that went around this week? We died a little. We guess the rationale behind all these stock photos is to show how great it is to eat healthy? That you wouldn’t be having nearly as great a time if your fork was plunging into a plate of poutine instead? And these pictures leave so many questions unanswered: Is there someone you’re eating with? Is he/she also eating salad? Are those greens all organic? And most importantly, what the heck is so funny??

Next, obviously, comes “Men laughing alone with fruit salad.”

We needed to get in on this fun. So in order to combat this vegetable stereotype, and for your viewing pleasure, we bring you: Kids laughing alone with broccoli.

Someone is excited for folic acid!

Photo by Ben McLeod via Flickr

Photo by Clover_1 via Flickr

We’re pretty sure this is laughing…

Photo from Feeding Your Kids

Photo from Real Food For Schools

Excitement, terror, whatever.

Photo by JaxPhotography via Flickr

Do your kids love broccoli? Show us your kids laughing with broccoli! (Or another delicious vegetable!) It IS the year of the vegetable, after all. Let’s celebrate.

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