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Cynthia Kinnunen thinks autographs make concerts all the better

The beauty of outdoor summer concerts reminds me how much we adore live music. I usually lose myself in the shows, embracing the moment and savouring the magic (a.k.a. a lot of booty shaking and shameless singing). I’m not usually caught up in how to get backstage or stand in a massive line-up to meet someone (unless, of course, it’s Neil Finn) but I’m there for the heart-pounding, soul-filling experience.

I do, however, have a few signed photos from childhood, which means my parents took the time to actually introduce me to an artist and get an autograph. I look at the photos now and think it was pretty cool that I had the chance to meet them face-to-face.

Like Muddy Waters.

Or Burton Cummings.

And I have found, when an opportunity presents itself, I may encourage my kids to go up and meet an artist, too. We won’t wait in line for eons or go too much out of our way but when there’s a chance to have a brief encounter with an artist/band we really respect, we try to take it.

Like Fitz and the Tantrums.

Or Morgan Taylor (of Gustafer Yellowgold).

Those moments were special for both the kids and us. And I’m happy to see that they’re following our footsteps in not being too caught up in the charms of celebrity. They understand (mostly) that the music is what it’s all about. (read: no sobbing boy band fanatic in the house…yet). Of course, it’s good they weren’t born twelve years ago when I actually met Neil Finn or they would have seen their mother stammering and swooning and, well, we just don’t talk about that particular moment. I’d like to think I’d be much more pulled together if I met him again.


I love coming across a signed photo in one of my memory boxes or happening upon an autographed CD when I crack it open for a listen. And I do hope that my kids will continue to have the same opportunities for a few fleeting moments with artists they really appreciate so they, too, can look back and remember how awesome it was to stand *this close* to the beautiful and talented Noelle of FATT (see above).  Although I do wonder what they will actually have signed when the future is digital. Sigh.

Have your kids had a cool encounter with an artist that they’ll remember for their lifetime?


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