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What the cool parents are reading about today:

1. Think your kid could write better lyrics than Beiber? Now they have a chance to try. A new lyric-writing workshop for kids is helping middle schoolers create their own radio-worthy tunes that get mastered, recorded and performed live by bands. We wonder if we’ll see the next Justin Timberlake come out of this?

2. La Leche League Canada recently rejected breastfeeding Dad Trevor MacDonald’s (who happens to be one of our favourite proud papas) appeal to become a lactation coach. What gives? According to LLL philosophy, the roles of mothers and fathers are “not interchangeable.” Instead, MacDonald is starting his own Skype-based LGBTQ breastfeeding support group and Facebook group. But he still thinks LLLC’s black-and-white approach has gotta go. “I think allowing a transgendered person to become a leader is the next step to reflecting the diversity of experience that’s out there,” he said. Hear, hear.

3. According to the Association of American Publishers, the under 18 category of ebooks is the “fastest growing category in trade” racking up a cool 64 million in the first quarter of 2012. Have you jumped on the eBook bandwagon or are you fully committed to bedtime stories with dog-eared pages? Do both work for you?

4. You may want to read this before you go back to school shopping this year: one Globe and Mail columnist explains why skinny jeans might do more harm than good for kids, and it’s not a matter of circulation. “Planting the mantra “skinny” in the minds of young children seems like burning disordered eating into their neuropathways,” she writes. Are skinny jeans sort of like a more subtle version of the horrifying “eat less” T’s that made their way into youth targeted stores last year?

5. Now this is what we call teamwork.

Photo by aptmetaphor via Flickr. 

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