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Have you ever noticed that kids take the best photos? We at the High Park Nature Centre have. That’s why we have kids in our naturalist clubs bring their cameras (or borrow one of ours) to photograph the fascinating nature out in the park.


They are never at a loss of things to photograph: funky mushrooms, dead standing trees, mysterious holes, brilliant leaves. Kids don’t need much encouragement before they’re laying down on the ground to photograph a scene from a bug’s perspective or sticking their camera inside a tree cavity to see what’s inside. They have tons of fun and it helps us all see the nature in our park a little differently.

I really love all the kids’ photos, but I especially love it when I see how photography deepens their appreciation for nature.

Jack‘s macro photos of insects always floor me. He comes to the Nature Centre and goes off into the field for 30 minutes and comes back with a dozen incredible shots.


Then he identifies their species. Jack pays attention to the creatures that most people don’t even know are there. During the summer, he put together a board of his insect photos for the younger kids. They loved trying to find the insects from Jack’s pictures.

Alexa is more focused on birds. I watched her step away from what was a noisy group one afternoon.


She crouched down low and stayed really still and silent for about five minutes. She was just hidden from the duck’s view behind the reeds, and got some amazing close-ups. She was proud to show them to us and we were even able to see details of the female wood duck’s markings.

We have another Family Nature Walk coming up on November 17, 1-3 p.m. to explore the soils of High Park.

The High Park Nature Centre delivers outdoor environmental education all year long through school programs, summer camps, naturalist clubs for kids and family nature walks for all ages. Visit our website to see all that we have to offer

Jon Hayes is the Family Programs Coordinator at High Park Nature Centre 

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