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The first ever Kids “State Dinner” starred some frolicsome fare

54 young chefs between 8 – 12 gathered at the White House on Monday to enjoy some Kickin’ Chicken Salad, Power Pesto Pasta, Zuchinni fries and other fresh eats made by their talented peers. The First Lady declared it the “hottest ticket at the White House.”

Michelle Obama hosted the event to pat these clever kiddos on the back for raising awareness about healthy eating. The lucky attendees were the 54 winners of a nationwide recipe competition, whose dishes were prized for being delish, creative and healthy.

The kids drew inspiration from all kinds of sources. One young chef recalls, “I didn’t want sandwiches for lunch one day in the summer, so I went into the kitchen to see what we had. I put them together and made chicken spinach pasta.”

Hats off to any person who can please the First Lady with the results of a cupboard rummage.

Bunch Parents, let us band together and insist that our kids follow suit and cook us dinner once in a while. Yes?

Photo by an honorable german via Flickr. 

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