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Over at GQ today Canadian screenwriter, memoirist and badass mama Kelly Oxford gives a succinct guide to not screwing up Mother’s Day. You can leave that link open on your computer, too.

Kelly Oxford also took moment to share with Bunch some insight about mouthing off, sticking to your guns, saying inappropriate things and being a regular person raising three kids without having to give up any part of your identity.

What happened to made it okay now to talk about mom-stuff and regular life-stuff like a whole person?

You know, I think that everybody’s always sort of done that. In their own way. Whether it was moms staying home with their kids, or moms at work and away from their kids. But maybe now we have all this access to the internet, so we find out. But it’s always existed.

Do you feel that being a parent gives you any special bullshit-detecting powers?

No. I always had that, I think.

Of all the crazy uber-parenting you see around you, what’s the weirdest?

Probably the shame-parenting that we were talking about earlier. You know, when parents shame their children online? Yeah, that’s the weirdest one.

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