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Ed Sundukovsky shares stories from Toronto’s West End

Kris and I recently had our wedding anniversary. After a couple of years of marriage and two kids later, our relationship has morphed into something that resembles a… well, lets just say that on the road of life, we are driving a minivan. Literally.

Our children are our life. Having them has influenced so many aspects of our life, that compromise is par for the course. It’s been challenging for us but in every case we find a way to come out on top and wiser for the experience. Together, she and I have become some kind of super-elite parenting unit. If Obama needed his kids “taken care of,” we’d be the Seal Team 6 he calls in.

Kris and I are a great team but sometimes our routine becomes too much for us. A revolt from conformity is just the ticket. One of us will call in a marker from the Grans and we get our swerve on. On weekends like that we waste no time. The opportunity to get all Jersey Shore-ish are too few and far between for us to squander a single moment. For me personally, sleeping in till 10 a.m. or later is all I need. Kris, on the other hand, is a seize-the-day kind of chick. If she only gets a dozen things done before I get out of bed, she considers it a wasted day.

It’s important for us as young people to have a chance to be young. To enjoy each other and the city. We crash parties and get tipsy then bike home willy nilly, down King street. It’s fun and dangerous and exactly what the doctors ordered. Sometimes, I’ll pretend to be my art school drop out persona Otis, pronounced Otees, and I’ll try to pick her up at the local dive bar. She gives me a hard time in front of a crowd and eventually we leave together necking our way out the door.

I’m not bragging, sort of. I’m just trying to illustrate a point. Being a good parent is one thing. A huge thing, but being a good spouse is really what makes a family work. When both parents are happy, the kids are happy by proxy. We’ve all seen the couple pushing the stroller who look like they have just been water boarded. No one wants to end up that way. Taking time for yourselves is vital. It’s what’s going to separate you from the crazy, frazzled parents who wear ratty sweatpants and Beaver Canoe sweater with hash bod burns. If you keep pushing back the quality one-on-one time with your better half, odds are it’ll never happen. And if it does, you two will both be so exhausted that staying home and watching Dancing with the Stars while planted on the couch will seem like a swinging night out. I hope this never happens in our union.

So get the sitter, put on some flashy duds and make a pact to have some parental fun, that doesn’t include a Pixar feature. Get out there and be young and reckless while you can because before you know it, it could all be over. Remember, Tempus Fugit.

Ed Sundukovsky is a butcher living in Toronto’s West End with his wife and two daughters. You can read more from Ed at his blog Big Sexy Dummy and on Twitter @bigsexydummy.

Photo by RYN TMRW via Flickr

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