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A must-see for anyone visiting New York between now and January

What would you give to get a “peek into the imagination of this brilliant innovator and creator of Kermit, Big Bird, and other beloved characters”? Jim Henson’s Fantastic World has been hanging out in Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, Washington and now it’s made its way to New York.

You can find it at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens.

What will you find at this exhibit? Fifteen puppets including Kermit himself (and Miss Piggy and Bert and Ernie and Rowlf), early drawings, objects from The Dark Crystal, photos of Henson working with his creations and excerpts from his films.

You’ve seen his Wilkins Coffee commercials right?

Need a better idea as to what sort of stuff you can find in Jim Henson’s Fantastic World? Check out this preview at Flavorwire:

Top photo via Digital Collections at the University of Maryland, bottom photo via Flavorwire

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