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Cynthia Kinnunen blogs about sharing stuff from your childhood with your kids

green jello in tupperware

Normally, seeing things on your plate wobbling to and fro doesn’t send your pulse racing, unless it’s in fear of having to consume said wobbly food product.  However, there’s one jiggly food-type thing that I used to adore as a child and my kids now go crazy for: put on your best Bill Cosby voice and give a hollah for JELL-O!

Now I know some parents give this the finger wag because, well, it’s made of nothing except food colouring and jiggly gelatin (and maybe a few other things but I’m not checking the ingredient list!). Really though, there’s something that’s just too much fun about a wiggly bowl of the colourful stuff when you’re a kid. My favourite colour/flavour is green/lime, by the way.

A while back, my grandmother was purging her kitchen for a move and she offered me her (what I refer to as) Jell-o bowls.  You know, those Tupperware dessert cups and lids from the sixties that were just perfect for Jell-o.  They brought back warm fuzzies of growing up at Mummo’s house and peeling open that lid to see if the Jell-o was ready for consumption.  Not too much, though, that you get that icky rubber coating on top, but just perfectly jiggly.

I, of course, scooped those Tupperware bowls when she offered and they have now found a place in the hearts of my kids as they immediately recognize that whenever I pull them out, it’s going to be a wonderful, wiggly, jiggly Jell-o kind of day.

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Cynthia Kinnunen is a mom of three wonderfully quirky little people who love music, old and new-school adventures and acting as silly as possible at all times. She’s also a freelance writer who blogs for fun at Crumbs in the Minivan and Maple Mixtape.

Photo via Cynthia Kinnunen

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