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What the cool parents are reading today:

jane lynch

1. Remember that mom who was sent to jail for putting down her father’s address instead of her own so that she could get her daughters into a better school? Kelley Williams-Bolar is half-way through her sentence and giving a lot of speeches.

2. Does your baby need music classes? New research suggests that “music training can foster babies’ emotional development and communication skills,” so you’d better enroll that 6-month-old in classes. What, you think it’s enough that they’ve learned to hold their head up at that age?

3. If you’re a mom, do you feel like you’re got about seven things on the go at all time? Moms are all about the multi-tasking.

4. Did you know that in Denmark, your baby name has to be approved by the government? Here are some other baby name rules from around the world. You can bet there aren’t a lot of Tyrannosaurus Rexes across the Atlantic.

5. Jane Lynch talks about why and how republicans supporting gay rights is good for republicans on Rachel Maddow’s show. We firmly believe this woman can do anything.

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Photo by calvinfleming via Flickr

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