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Eden Hertzog is pregnant…and hungry

New Moon Kitchen is the brainchild of Eden Hertzog a.k.a. the Baker Babe, who offered to blog about being pregnant and the delightful cravings that can inspire. “Sure,” we said as we munched on her Oatmeal Goldies. The icing on the cake (cookie?) is that each of Eden’s posts will include a recipe. Now that’s sweet.

For a long time now, I have considered myself to be somewhat of a “queen” of multitasking: I run my own business, do yoga, study Shamanism, have recorded a CD, am writing a family memoir and also have a real hankering for travel. I have always thrived in the lovely chaos of busy-ness.

And then I got pregnant (yes, totally planned and completely wanted), and since then I’ve had to make some major adjustments in my day-to-day life. I remember telling my book editor early on in the pregnancy that I would be able to get a first draft to him before my due date. He laughed at me. He and his partner had just had a baby, and he shared with me that when she was pregnant, there could only be one major task each day. I said to myself that I would be different, because, well, I am the queen of multitasking.

I am now in my 30th week of pregnancy, sweating it out in the hottest summer I have ever experienced. I’ve scaled things down to doing one major task each day. So far, running the business and making sure things are as smooth as they can be before baby’s big entrance is taking precedence over everything else. When work is done, I come home and put my feet up, then spend a good amount of time just planting my hands on my belly and feeling this mystery child kick around.

After that, it’s food. Must have good food, must appease the pregnancy food lord. The cravings change daily, but I thought I would share with you what was a true lifesaver on the day that I thought I was melting into my couch: Watermelon Pops. It just so happened that on that particular day, making pops was about all I could muster. Things have changed.


4 cups chopped watermelon
1/4 of one lime, peeled
1 tbsp honey

I threw all of this in my Vitamix blender until it was a nice, clean purée and then poured it into the pops mould I had just picked up (after scouring a few stores, I might add). Once the pops were frozen, I got back on the couch, munched on my pop and thought about what might be the one (only one?) major task of tomorrow.


Summer on a Stick

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