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The IMOW have launched its Mama’s Work gallery

As another installment of its Motherhood Around the Globe series, the International Museum of Women have launched the Mama’s Work gallery.

The International Museum of Women is an online gallery that celebrates all things woman and with this series, calls attention to the important role mothers play all over the world. The idea behind the Mama’s Work gallery is that “at any moment, mothers across the world are telling each other stories.”

And if you happen to be in San Francisco this weekend, you can check out a pop-up photography exhibit Making Mothers Visible, another project of the IMOW.

Take a look through the beautiful photographs and paintings that make up the gallery. Here’s one fine example:

woman weaving a basket photo from mama's work

The above photo was taken by Sandra Chen Weinstein and it’s called “Weaving for Life.”

In case you couldn’t guess, the IMOW cares pretty strongly about mothers and maternal health. Is this something you care about too? Sign their pledge, Christy Turlington wants you to.

Be sure to check out their other galleries, like Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby.

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