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Is it weird that after my kids go to bed, I like to spend about 20 minutes running my hands through their Kinetic Sand and talking to myself, and afterwards I feel totally relaxed?

Probably. But Kinetic Sand is like the 2.0 version of a foam stress ball only infinitely better beacause oh yeah, it’s also a toy for your kids.  And, not messy.

Watching it fall apart is mesmerizing and reminds me of the transitory nature of material things. Perhaps I should focus more of my time and energy on relationships with friends and family? For example, playing with Kinetic Sand with my kids!

Here are some comments from the Kinetic Sand YouTube video (which has 3,422,277 views) that illustrate its appeal:



Lara N

Every day since i first saw this video 2 weeks ago i come back and watch it again, without fail. It’s mesmerizing.

Briana G

I really want to touch it

You can buy Kinetic Sand here.

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