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In case you decided to check the internet on this holiday Monday (and you did, didn’t you?) here is a fun assortment of fictional Ice Cream Flavours based on great, mediocre or at the very least published works of fiction. These Ben and Jerry’s inspired flavours come care of Brett Cohen and the fine folks at Quirk Books, publishers of new cult classics like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

These are my favourites:


As good, if not better than the ice cream packages themselves, are the selling features that Quirk Books lists with each flavor:

“War and Peach: An ambitious, sweeping, and impeccably detailed frozen treat of truly epic proportions, with so many ingredients you’ll forget that most of them existed by the time you’re halfway through your cone. Not easy to get through without a headache but if you make it, you can brag about finishing it for the rest of your life.”

The best part of the post ends up being the comments which are filled with so many other great ideas. But I also love the fact that it inspires me to play a family game during the inevitable ice cream run that will happen today.

So I’ll ask you too: What is the literary equivalent of Tiger Tail?

source: Quirk Books

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