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No pony rental required


Darn’ tootin! A farm themed birthday party is a fine and dandy way to get outside in the fresh air and celebrate the season! We’ve rounded up some awesome ideas for setting up a barnyard bash in your backyard, from creating that down home atmosphere to pig-out worthy fare. Bonus: this is probably the cheapest birthday party theme around. Old MacDonald would be proud.


  • Red wagons make for great decor. If you’ve got one or a few lying around, grab them and fill them with bails of hay (if you live close to a farm and have / know someone with a truck). Or, toss in some stuffed animals and make a “petting zoo” station.
  • Swap party hats for bandanas or straw hats. Give one to each kid as they come in.
  • Make guest’s nametags that say “Farmer _____”.
  • Sunflowers scream country farm. Stick some in mason jars and place on tables.
  • Use red checkerboard tablecloths. If you have a picnic table, even better.
  • Wrap green plastic cutlery in orange napkins and tie with a ribbon for “carrot bundles“.
  • American Gothic Photo-ops: (plastic) pitchfork, over-sized overalls and blank expressions and everything.
  • Blare that bluegrass soundtrack!



One benefit of farm-themed birthday parties is that they’re super forgiving when it comes to activities. The easiest party games are pretty much all farm-inspired (duck duck goose, pin the tail on the donkey, bobbing for apples, etc.) If those don’t get your tractor engines going, we have a few more creative ideas:

Pig Races: Blow up a few pink balloons, draw pig faces on them with marker and tie a curled pink ribbon onto each tied part. Divide kids into two teams and give each kid flyswatters to swat them from “the field” back to “the pig pen.” The team who all gets to the finish first wins.

Scarecrow Resurrection: Lay a plaid shirt, jeans, socks, gloves, boots and a hat out on the grass next to a pile of old newspapers. Have teams of two bring life back to the unresponsive body as quick as they can.

Needle-in-a-Haystack Hunt: If you can get your hands on a bale of hay (and don’t mind dealing with the aftermath of having it be pillaged in your backyard), hide candy and prizes in it for kids to dig out. Set a time limit on this for an added thrill.

Lost Animal Roundup: The animals have gotten out! The farmers need to round them all up and get them back to the farm stat! Hide stuffed or plastic animals in the backyard, and then set the farmers out on a mad dash to look for them. The kid who finds the most wins.


A farm theme birthday may be the best excuse we can think of to pig the heck out. Anything with a country market feel works here. Here are some ideas for easy chicken feed:

  • Make individual cucumber cups by cutting sections of a cucumber, and hollowing out leaving a floor. Fill each one with dip and cut some “farm fresh produce” into spears and stick ‘em in.
  • “Moo juice” milk shakes!
  • Rice Krispie square “haybales”.
  • Pretzel stick “hay bales” tied together with twine.
  • Mini mason jar pies.
  • Apple pies baked in apples.
  • Carrot cake cupcakes!

Photos by shannonsmithbunchofpantscaitlinatorSugar Daze via Flickr. 

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