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What the cool parents are reading today: vintage photo of mom and baby in 1940s

1. Parenting and nudity: One mom who chooses to keep a few things private starts feeling like the biggest prude in her Brooklyn neighbouhood.

2. Nicole Cliffe of the Hairpin shares a story about taking her baby to the emergency room. Our hearts were racing the whole time we were reading it.

3. Picking out a baby name can be “fraught the fuck with complete mayhem,” so here’s a helpful guide from Jezebel. Now we’re going to go on a Google hunt to find a popular 1940s name that means winner of the spoils of war. (When we think “spoils of war,” we think Agamemnon, which we’re sure wasn’t big in the 1940s) Update: We think it’s Edith.

4. Parent like Picasso: start off traditional and structured and as the kids get older, experiment.

5. We’re not sure if it’s the produce-themed hats, the age-appropriate costumes, or just the general magic of coordinated dance, but we’re totally into this video of little Japanese girls dancing at the supermarket.

Yesterday: Bob Geldof on his new grandson’s name, a vegan book for kids and an older couple share their tips for a happy marriage.

Photo by deflam via Flickr

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