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Do your kids love comics? Do you? This Saturday is a chance for kids, as young as two-years-old to explore the world of comic arts at the Lillian. H. Smith Library.



The Comic Art for Kid Expo (with the awesome acronym of CAKE) is a chance for kids to meet graphic novelists and picture book creators.

There will be signing, sketching and a DIY comics lab (morning session for younger kids, and an afternoon session for older kids). Activities for kids ages two to eight-years-old include meeting picture book artists Brothers Leung,  J. Torres and J. Lum and others.

Older kids eight to 13-years-old can attend workshops by an “all-star roster” of graphic novelists including Claudia DávilaSteve Manale and the team behind OWL Magazine’s popular Max Finder Mystery

Interested? You can check out CAKE’s full schedule of events here, and you’ll need to register for events beforehand here.  And pay attention to  CAKE’s rules on showing up on time:

Tickets are guaranteed until fifteen minutes before the start of a session. Any and all unclaimed spaces at that time will be offered to those on the waiting list. In other words, Rush Tickets for the SOLD OUT sessions below MAY become available 15 minutes beforehand at the door.

Comic Art For Kids Expo (CAKE), Sat, March 23, 9-5 p.m., Lillian H. Smith Library, 230 College Street, (416) 393-7746, FREE.

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