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Despite August being the month of Camp, many kids are still home and hanging out in the city, looking for fun things to do.

Mother of six and designer, Gabrielle Blair’s website, Design Mom is a fantastic place devoted to fun DIY projects and ideas. The one that caught my attention was Bleached Out Tees (or camp tees in particular).

Blair makes a “Camp Halfblood” t-shirt for her daughter Maude (it’s a reference to the Percy Jackson series) but we thought this could be a cool way for city kids to turn their August into a stay-cation camp.

Gather up their circle of friends and pick a camp name. Then assemble the required ingredients. This is an easy project but it does involve chemicals. This is best for kids 12 and over with the full supervision of parents.

All you need is a bottle of bleach, old rags (lots of them), 100% cotton t-shirts, and stencils that you’ve cut out of sticky backed laminate that you can buy at a craft store. If you don’t have time to grab some laminate you can always apply duct-tape directly to the fabric in whatever shape or pattern you want. Cutting duct tape into letters is a lot more difficult but it’s not impossible.

You’ll need to make sure that the t-shirt has already been washed as they sometimes come with chemicals on the fabric when you buy them new. Place old rags under the part of the shirt that you will be bleaching so that it doesn’t bleed from the front to the back.

Put some of the bleach in a glass measuring cup and use another old rag to dip and dab the bleach onto the t-shirt. Pay attention to how it’s colour is changing. Once it gets to the lightness you desire remove the rags and rinse it out in water. Finish by throwing it in the dryer and…

TA DA!!! Your very own camp tee (or tees).

This is just the most basic set of instructions. For hand-holding and special tips you have to checkout Gabrielle Blair’s actual post by clicking here. Bunch has run many other really cool DIY, camp-related posts in the past. Check out this one about making your own camp experience, right here in the city.

source: Design Mom

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