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What the cool parents are reading about today:

1. In very, um, unique campaign messages, aspiring Quebec premier François Legault is telling kids they should “be more like Asians.” He mused that if people in Asia keep working so hard while young Quebecers just want “the good life,” Quebec society may be in trouble. The end of la belle vie?

2. In the past decade, the number of kids in the US who drink sugar-free beverages has doubled. Wow. So, are these drinks becoming more prevalent, or if kids are more likely to reach for them specifically? There are no studies that have looked at the long-term health effects of artificial sweeteners in kids – do you care if your kid grabs one?

3. More reasons to make the most of summer sun: one study shows that kids who spend hours watching sitting around are up to nine times as likely to have poorer motor coordination than their active peers – and boys are more effected than girls. But what about kids with crazy video game skills?

4. Think a $20 duck leg dinner and high chairs don’t mix? Sure they can! Some high end restaurants in the States are welcoming kids, and seeing increased business because of it. “The change has come about in part because of increased awareness and appreciation of food and because of the cultural preferences of baby boomers and younger parents who include their children in virtually every aspect of their lives.” Would your kid be into to a fancy night out if there were chicken fingers involved?

5. Kids in 1995 predict the internet, with surprising accuracy.

Photo by mookieluv via Flickr. 

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