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Catherine Romano blogs about crafty projects for kids and parents

My son recently started a preschool program and I wanted to send him off with something special. My mom used to leave little notes in our lunches – each note said something sweet and included a cute drawing (which was often of my cat). Since my boy is still too young to read mommy-notes, I went to the web to look for inspiration and stumbled upon these adorable pocket hearts.  I knew my son would love a heart tucked into his blue jean pocket, so I made a trip to the dollar store to collect materials and start the project.

Check it out.

My materials:

  • Felt
  • Needle
  • Batting
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery thread

Here’s what I did:
1. Layer two sheets of felt on top of each other, and cut out a heart shape.
2. Thread the embroidery through the needle.

3. Begin stitching around the edge of the heart. Be sure the stitches are equal-distance apart to ensure a neat and clean border line.
4. Leave a small opening along the border and stuff batting inside heart. Once the heart is full, stitch the opening closed.

5. Pass on your pocket heart to someone special.

This was my first time creating a sewing-related craft and it really was quite simple. If I can do this, you certainly can too.
Take the time to consider the size of your heart. At first, I cut out a large heart, but it would have been impossible to fit inside my son’s pocket.
If you don’t have batting, you can use cotton balls.

Catherine Romano moved back to Toronto from New York City. Since making a few of her dreams come true in the Big Apple, completing graduate school and working in arts management at New York City Ballet, she decided to be a stay-at-home mom to her young son. Now, back in Toronto, she embarks on an exciting adventure with her new love and lively 3-year-old son. For more art, design and culture for kids and parents, check out Catherine’s blog, sweet spectacle and follow her on Twitter @catromano

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