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Happy birthday iPad, you are one year old today.

We found the cake, and now to celebrate the iPad’s first year we decided to make a list of our favourite apps so you can have the birthday party at your house.

1. Music Learning Adventure By: The Juno Company

  • Founder, mom, and composer Belinda Takahashi blends her own original music with fun characters and flashcards to encourage kids to let out their inner pop star.

2. 123 Color HD By: Steve Glinberg

  • A talking colouring book with a winter theme. When it’s too cold to go outside and play, why not stay inside and colour your snowman purple out of spite.

3. Let’s Find It By: Nate Games

  • Not just for the kids, this app allows you to choose between different levels of difficulty allowing both parents and kids a chance to compete at making the little monster happy before the clock runs out.

4. Wheels on the Bus By: Duck, Duck Moose

  • So much more than just the song we all know and love, this app has won a bunch of awards because it incorporates great graphics, music, games and you can even record your kids singing the song.

5. Goodie Words

  • We love this free app that helps kids understand complicated words with stories and games. It’s cute and colourful, oh, and did we mention that it was free?

GoodieWords iPad App from GoodieWords on Vimeo.

6. MyBobble By: KoolKatsApps.com

  • Like the name says, you make your own bobble heads with this app. Play around with their photos, or take a picture of the dog and give it a ballerina body. Shake or touch the screen and the head bobbles around.

Photo by Roderic Page via Flickr.

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