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Toronto artist Mindy Stricke has an interactive art installation opening this weekend at the Arcadia Gallery about the transformation that happens to women when they become moms. “Landing Gear” is a collaborative project arising from her work with a group of mothers at Harbourfront Community Centre earlier this year.

It’s one of many collaborative projects that Stricke has directed: she has run these workshops all over the world and under the heading “Greetings From Motherland.” This particular installation examines the way we dressed before we had babies vs. the way we dress afterwards.

‘Landing Gear’ combines documentary audio, photos on fabric, writing and collage into an interactive installation that has as its centre an old refurbished antique wardrobe trunk. More details on how it all came together here.

This seems like a really cool thing to check out: It opens Saturday, Sept. 28 but the opening reception is this Sunday, Sept. 29 from 3-7 p.m. You have until next Tuesday (Oct. 8) to see it: bring a mom friend.

(The Arcadia Gallery is in the Arcadia building at 680 Queen’s Quay West, but here is a map to help you find it)

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source: CatPR

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