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What the cool parents are reading today:

1. Lunch meat gets a gourmet twist with Oscar Meyer’s new preservative free, spiced up cold cuts.  Would you kid like some mesquite turkey, soppressata, or prosciutto in their lunch box?

2. A recent study shows that parenthood is only associated with increased happiness in dads. Authors of said study reckon this is due to the fact that dads don’t do as much housework as moms.

3. Since everyone’s so interested in breastfeeding these days (ie – Time Magazine’s recent best selling issue), Alanis Morissette announces she will breastfeed her 16 month old old till he’s good and ready to ween. Do you care?

4. When you’re ready to have “the talk” with your kids, there’s a new online manual to help. Video tutorials from Choicez media provides pointers on educating about emotional and physical changes, fertility, and marriage.

5. Our favourite kid entrepeneur comes to Southern California to talk about his homemade arcade! Always humble, this little creative genius.

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Photo by theloushe via Flickr. 

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