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Bunchfest wants to help you find ways to help you create that festival feeling right in your own backyard.

The posters that hang in record shops and music venues serve two purposes: they let you know when awesome shows are happening in your city while providing a pop of colour in an interesting font. Gig posters have become so cool, that fans collect them not only because they’re Arcade Fire superfans, but also because the artwork is stellar.

  We here at Bunch HQ love pretty much anything that comes from Burlesque of North America; they’ve really nailed the gig-poster-as-frame-worthy-art thing. Here’s their booth at Pitchfork Music Festival this year: If you’re kids are at all rock show or art-inclined, a gig poster is a great activity to kickstart your at-home festival. Bunch families made some really excellent gig posters at the They Might Be Giants show at Luminato this year. We started with four basic patterns: lopsided ovals, squares, starbursts and curvy stripes, and supplied markers and pencil crayons.To make your own…

You’ll need:

    • Paper (either one giant one for everyone to work on, or one sheet per kid… plus maybe some extras)
    • Stencils (shapes and letters)
    • Markers/crayons


1. First, your family needs to come up with a name for your band. (Or a name for your festival) 2. Pick three colours per poster. Keep it simple with a limited colour scheme. (If you’re doing one giant poster, make sure everyone likes all the colours) 3. If you’re doing this on your computer, pick out a cool font. If you’re drawing this by hand (recommended) elect someone write out the name of your band in cool letters. 4. Have everyone think of objects they really like. They doesn’t have to relate to the band directly. If one kid loves dolls and another kid is going through a big dinosaur phase, it wouldn’t be wrong to have a gig poster with baby doll riding a stegosaurus. Draw objects on your posters. (Or use clip art and photoshop, whatever seems like a better “fit” for your family band) 5. Add details to your band’s gig, such as “With special guests Uncle Dave and the MacDonald cousins” and “The Living Room, Saturday afternoon at 3” 6. Colour it all in!

If you need a little more inspiration, these posters are just spectacular. Top and bottom photos from our TMBG Luminato show, middle photo from the Burlesque Pitchfork booth, via Burlesque.

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