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Ok, you knew that back-to-school was coming. And that you should be creeping your children’s later ‘summer bedtime’ earlier and earlier — as per common sense and expert advice — so they can make the shift back and you can get your kids up and out the door.

But you didn’t. And now you’ll be known as the parent with the extra grumpy kids the first week back at school.

Have no fear. If all else fails tomorrow, hook this up to your stereo and blast the full three minutes of video compiled by a YouTube user who put together the most annoying sounds he could find to get his kids out of bed. He included a lot of Justin Bieber in the mix. (With apologies for the slightly cheesy pics and Monica Lewinsky joke.)

Other gentler tips to make for a better morning:

  • Wake up your kids up to the smell of their favourite foods: bacon frying or muffins baking
  • Wake them up with a prepared smoothie in hand
  • Give them a high-protein breakfast (some nut butters in that smoothie, perhaps)
  • Make sure they’re in bed early tonight — and no sugar and no screen-time at least two hours before bed.

We know, it will be hard to make this adjustment. But check in early tomorrow and all week for Bunch’s Easy 5-Step Program to ease you back into “School Brain.” 

source: Palatine Patch

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