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If you’ve turned on a television recently, you’ve probably been confronted by new marketing from the people who make Kinder Eggs: Kinder Surprise For Girls! Here’s the icky-sweet original commercial.

As many have noted, from time immemorial the toys and marketing of Kinder Eggs has been decidedly gender-neutral. The introduction of Kinder Surprise for Girls has already been met with a petition from UK campaign ‘Let Toys Be Toys‘ (who also took a stand on gender-segregated Lego).

A group of artists from Toronto have gone one better — by making a parody video called Gender Surprise For Girls!’  And it’s amazing:

The parody was made by the four person producer/director team of Kristen McGregor, Melissa D’Agostino (who both star in the video), Alison Broverman and Matt Campagna. After stumbling across Kinder’s commercial on TV, McGregor contacted the others and the video came together quickly. As she explained to Bunch:

“I was at home watching a show on HGTV when this commercial came on, and it made me wonder: what was wrong with the original Kinder Surprises — and why did girls need their own product? Thinking about inequalities between men and women made me think of other ‘surprises’ girls have to deal with in their lives.”

She contacted D’Agostino, Campagna and Broverman and discovered that they were all on board. And that’s how this Canadian-made spoof came to be!

still image for Gender Surprise for Girls by Kristen McGregor, Melissa D'Agostino, Alison Broverman, Matt Campagna

source: Alison Broverman

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