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Cynthia Kinnunen blogs about sharing stuff from your childhood with your kids

When I think about time spent with my grandparents during my childhood, I remember some pretty interesting things. Things that at the time meant nothing more than the regular stuff I’d get to do or see or hear when I visited them. Playing particular card games or music-related activities or sauna party nights. Your grandparents had wild sauna parties, too, right?

I find when I think back, many memories seem to be food-related. You know, those memories that you can smell and taste.

I think back to those particular – and often very, very simple – foods that were part of that connection with the family elders. They make me nostalgic and even a little {ahem} weepy sometimes. I’m not the only person who cries about food, am I?

I remember sleeping over at my Scottish grandmum’s place and in the morning I’d plop down in front of the telly to watch Friendly Giant and be served her buttery scrambled eggs, toast (also heavy on the butter) cut into quarters and a hot cup of tea in a fancy teacup, with milk and sugar, thank you very much. It was fantastic.

I remember dinners at my Finnish Mummo’s home where she’d win me over with mashed potatoes, meatballs and gravy, or mouth-watering karjalanpaisti (a very tasty meat stew). Or those most wonderful Finnish pancakes. Mmmm. For the record, the Finnish pancakes I’m talking about are the Thunder Bay/Hoito/Canadian-made Finnish pancakes (which apparently are not actually what the Finns would call Finnish pancakes in Finland). Pannukakku (large pancake baked in the oven) is also quite delicious and that kind is actually eaten in Finland. Smother that in berries and whipped cream and call me for coffee!

But {ahem} I might have a little pancake obsession that needs checking…

I’ve taken to occasionally serving these kinds of meals to my own kids, despite the fact that they aren’t low fat and can be smothered in things like buttery butter. The reason I do this? The kids usually LOVE them. Probably for the same reason that I loved them: they taste really good. Happy tummy = happy mummy.

Do you serve your kids meals you grew up on? Any favourites from grandma’s (or grandpa’s!) recipe box?

Cynthia Kinnunen is a mom of three wonderfully quirky little people who love music, old and new-school adventures and acting as silly as possible at all times. She’s also a freelance writer who blogs for fun at Crumbs in the Minivan and Maple Mixtape.

Photo by Cynthia Kinnunen

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