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We’ve all thought this, right?

The first few thoughts I had when I saw this were: 1. They’re the Lady Version of Flight of the Conchords (and fantastic musicians to boot) 2. I am totally fine with them mining pregnancy and parenting blogs forever for material (kind of like a musical STFU Parents) and 3. They Need Their Own Show.

A quick google revealed they had a show deal with HBO (yay) but it fell through (boo).

Happily, all is right with the universe once more.

Garfunkel and Oates are indeed getting their own show – on IFC. Between that and Marc Maron’s new show, things are looking really, really good for funny on TV.

Fall just a little bit more in love with Garfunkel and Oates after checking out their early videos, reading this interview with them over at Hello Giggles and scoping their updated youtube channel.

psst. Here’s a version of the song they did for the (now-defunct) HBO show.

sources: Hollywood Reporter Hello Giggles

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