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Just four of the coolest product ideas we’ve ever come across — and three of them you can actually buy now. Whether or not you want one of these fun inventions in your home is entirely up to you.

1. Roller Buggy

The Roller Buggy is just what it appears to be: a stroller-scooter hybrid for parents who want to breeze by the pretentious Stokkes in the passing lane. It has a hydraulic brake system with disc brakes, allowing it to stop at the driver’s command – important, since it reaches speeds of 15 km/hour.

fun inventions for parentsThough the Roller Buggy is still at the prototype stage, it did win third prize at the 11th International Bicycle Design Competition. So if it hits the streets, look out. Seriously — 15 km/hour — look out.

2. Baby Mop

Remember the Japanese spoof advertisement that inspired Saturday Night Live to run “Swifter Sleepers” ad? It actually now exists, for real: a mop powered by crawling babies. At $40 a pop, they’re a popular item. According to BetterThanPants, only 16% of the stock is left.

3. Baby Shower Cap

So simple!  How come this took so long to invent? The baby shower cap can be ordered online for less than $4, a small cost for no more shampoo in the eyes.



4. Squeeze Me Mittens

Your little one will never lose their mittens again — as long as you don’t lose yours. Which is good, because these fair-trade, made in Bolivia hand warmers cost $76.

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