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There was a time when Catharine and I were total Inside Out (Toronto’s LGBT film festival) junkies.

Heck, I even screened video shorts I made there. But that was then, way back then, in a land before kids. Now, during dates which are too few and too far-between, we don’t feel like sitting and staring at a screen when we do go out. That’s what Netflix is for, right? But now, thanks to Frameline Film Festival folks like us can experience independent queer cinema once again, no babysitter required.

Frameline has posted from its archive a selection of several decades worth of queer film and video online. (Thanks again, Mombian.) 

Check out If She Grows Up Gay, a 1983 documentary about a young, black mother who finds love and begins parenting with another woman. You will fall in love with this family but don’t get too attached, ok?

If She Grows Up Gay

In another great film The Bond, a dad talks about his love for his child and how he came to terms with his child’s gender transition:


The Bond

The movies are part of the festival’s Frameline Voices series, an online showcase of LGBT films and videos with “an emphasis on films by and about people of color, transgender people, youth and elders.”

During your precious grown-up time, browse for more adult content with films such as Fagette (about a “trans-fabulous Sunday in the park”) or Leathera 1995 documentary about the queer leather community. Or Merida Proscrita, a “sad, sepia-toned love story set in Mexico” from 1990. There is so much more.

I’m thinking this films these films might just possibly motivate Catharine and I off the couch and into the theatre again. It’s about time!

p.s.: Toronto’s Inside Out festival has selections from their Queer Video Mentorship Project available online here.

Meri Perra lives in Toronto with her partner, two daughters, tiny cat and massive cargo bike.

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