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Share these artsy twists on traditional fairy tales with your kids

Kids will love the current exhibit at the WWA Gallery in California as much you. Fractured Fairy Tales features 32 different artist’s interpretations of the fabled stories we know and love. This exhibit just made them a lot cooler.

If there was ever a kid-friendly intro to awesome art, this exhibit definitely fits the bill. A psychedelic Little Red Riding Hood navigates a pastel forest, a sassy Cinderella admires her reflection with a “this ain’t no prom” look and a tough Goldilocks appears to have just broken free from prison.

What an awesome answer to that steady diet of Disney princesses.

If you can’t make it to California before August 11th, browse the online gallery with your kids. Have them match the picture to the fairytale and see how many they can guess right. Then, have them create their own  personal interpretation of their favourite fairy tale. You might be surprised to see what they come up with.

Among the artists are animators who have lent their services to Disney and Pixar, independent character designers, plush-doll designers and comic-book artists. A different experience of each fairy tale is totally evident in each piece. They’re all such a treat for the eyes, you’ll want to hang them up — or at least make them your desktop background.

Photos by wwagallery.com

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