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So Ylvis is coming to town. That’s right, the fey Norwegian purveyors of an infectiously catchy ditty that rocketed through the internet exactly three months ago to the day.

Let us refresh your memory:

Brother duo Ylvis – who recorded the song and made the video entirely as a joke – is going to be performing in Toronto as part of MuchMusic’s Big Jingle show Saturday at 4:30 p.m. And you can get a chance to meet them in person Saturday at noon – when they’ll be on hand to sign copies of the not-yet-released What Does The Fox Say? children’s book at noon at the Richmond & John St. location of Chapters.

Didn’t know there was a book?

What does C!C!C! Minor say?


Apparently there were plans to publish a children’s book even before the Fox Say video was posted to YouTube. Bard Ylvisaker (one of the brothers behind Ylvis) is also a father of three and explained to the Toronto Star that he thought that a book about what foxes say would be very appealing to children.

But back to ‘What Does The Fox Say?’ the impromptu hit single with children everywhere. What if you can’t stomach paying $30-100 per ticket to make ridiculous animal sounds at the Air Canada Centre? NO PROBLEM.

C!C!C! Minor,Toronto’s drop-in choir for kids big and little, had so much fun with ROAR last week …

… that they’ve decided to crank up the animal soundz to 11.

It’s happening THIS SUNDAY afternoon:

Kids 4 – 8 years old singing ‘What Does The Fox Say’

are invited to arrive at 12:30 p.m. sharp.

Parent accompaniment and singing along required. Singing beings 12:45 p.m.

Kids 9 – 15 years old singing Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep’

are invited to arrive at 2:00 p.m. sharp

(No parents) Singing will begin at 2:15.

The fee to cover costs is $10 per child. Parents sing for free.

Don’t forget to practise – especially if your kid is too little to read lyrics!

Date: Sunday, Dec 8th
Location: No One Writes To The Colonel (460 College St. W. at Bathurst, north side)
Times: Group 1: 12:30pm, Group 2: 2pm
Cost: $10/kid

More info including how to get on C!C!C! Minor’s email list and join their Facebook group are here at the C!C!C! Minor website.

Come down Sunday to find out what the choir says!

What Does The Fox Say? by Ylvis

source: Toronto Star + Choir! Choir! Choir!


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