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What the cool parents are reading about today:

1. Hey homeschoolers, does the lesson plan fall to pieces without a designated room free of Xbox’s, pyjamas and other distractions? One mom doesn’t think it has to: “life is our school. Living it is our education. A formal School Room cannot contain it.” Can freedom and creativity (and focus) jive anywhere you plunk down with the kids and the books?

2. You won’t see any aisles of pink or blue around Harrods’ new 26,000 ft. gender neutral toy department. The UK retail haven will group toys into zones according to theme, rather than for boys or for girls. Would this change have an effect on your kids’ wants?

3. Graffiti artist with max kid-appeal Bue is moving his vibrant murals off the street and putting them into a kids’ clothing line, Toykyo Kids. These threads will probably guarantee coolest kid in school status.

4. Brisbane Times recently asked shoppers to guess the age demographic of kid’s clothes with some pretty dismal results. Most people were shocked to hear that some of the tassle laden, micro sized garments were geared toward kids as young as 7. Do you find yourself cringing at some sale rack specimens around today?

5. New film Olive is about a little girl who changes lives without even speaking a word. It’s also the very first feature length movie shot entirely on a smart phone. Impressive, non?

Photos by jeremyOK via Flickr. 

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