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Well, folks. I’m here. I made it to the other side.

Everyone said that two kids feels more like three and I always pshaw-ed when they said it, but I am going to have to agree (for now) that the addition of our little gal Frankie Rose has made it seem like we are living on a raft in the middle of raging waters, and only occasionally do we hit a nice, smooth patch and can float for a minute or two. Truly.

Here is a quick synopsis of why I think the jump from one to two kids feels like ten times more …

1. Remember how you had a toddler who was full-on all the time? Well, throw a newborn baby into the mix who is full-on all the time. This is Basic Math.
2. Remember how you and your partner could easily spell each other off? Long gone.
3. Remember how you had some time to clean your house? Nope.
4. Remember how you could make meals that tasted okay? Welcome to celery sticks and hummus.
5. Remember your partner? Brian and I basically pass each other in the hallway at night — and give a soldier salute.

I could go on — and I will over on my other blog — but we are here to talk about food.

I am happy to say that I am making a return to the kitchen, but as a new woman: a mother of two who is also running a business and would like supper to take no more than thirty minutes to prepare — and NOT be made in a crock-pot. You are going to join me on this endeavour. It is my mission to make the preparation of suppers easy and delicious and do-able in these wild family times. But before we get started on the first instalment, can I just say:

F@^k food blogs!


I spend most of my nursing time looking at recipe ideas on Pinterest, and screw all those nice-looking photos. That’s not Real Life. No one like us has time for that, so just let it go. While you’re at it, don’t worry about how you look either. I am pretty sure I have Groucho Marx eyebrows and milk-stains on my shirt.

Back to the kitchen. My first real cooking since having Frankie-girl was making Fish Tacos. So freakin’ delicious. Inspired by a mom in the park who told me that they make them all the time because they satisfy everyone in the family.

Oh wait – before we get into cooking – I will tell you that it DOES get easier. If it doesn’t, then I’m royally screwed.

fish tacos make 

Fish Tacos with Cabbage Pico de Gallo

(adapted from this beautiful site) 

For the Fish

• 2 pounds of fresh Tilapia

• 1 clove of minced garlic

• ¼ cup melted coconut oil

• ¼ cup white wine (optional – don’t sweat it if you don’t have any)

• pinch of salt

For the Cabbage Pico de Gallo

• 2 cups of finely chopped red cabbage

• 3 leaves of romaine, finely shredded

• 1 mango, cut into small chunks

• 10 grape tomatoes, quartered

• Juice and zest of 1 lime

• ¼ cup chopped red onion

• Some chopped cilantro

• Dash of olive oil

• Salt to taste

For the Spicy Mayo Sauce

• ¼ cup mayo

• ¼ cup yogurt

• 1 tsp of hot sauce (we used Cholula)

• juice of 1 lime

• salt to taste

You will also need a package of corn tortillas.

fish tacos!

How I Made These Suckers in Approximately 27 Minutes

1. Marinate the fish in the listed ingredients, and let sit.

2. Chop up all your veggies for the Pico de Gallo and throw into a bowl, add the cilantro/lime/oil/salt and then pop the salad in the fridge to keep it cool.

3. Blend the Spicy Mayo ingredients into a bowl, mix them up, and pop that bowl into the fridge too.

4. Light the BBQ (or pan-fry fish if you don’t have one) and let it heat up. I bought this griller-cage thing to put on top of the BBQ grill so that the fish wouldn’t stick. Cook the fish until crisped on the outside.

5. Throw your corn tortillas on the grill. (Or you can warm and soften them in a small cast-iron pan on the stove, 1 minute a side over medium heat. No oil.)

6. Assemble tacos with fish, Pico de Gallo, and the Spicy Mayo. You can garnish with more cilantro and hot sauce and some chopped jalapeno too. We also smashed up some avocado with lime and salt.

 – EAT! –

Fish Tacos 3Eden Hertzog is the Baker Babe behind New Moon Kitchen. Find more delicious, healthy recipes for Bunch here

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