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What we’re reading today:

1. So, we’re all pretty much on the ball in terms of advising kids not to talk to strangers, right? Good. Have you informed the little ones not to touch man-eating animals? No? You might want to get on that or else you could find yourself in the same position as this Brazilian mom who walked into her living room and discovered her 3-year-old son petting a five-foot alligator on the head. Thankfully, the alligator wasn’t hungry so there was no attack. Via BBC

2. Ever threaten unruly kids with a call to the cops? Yeah, one couple in Staten Island wanted to scare their 6-year-old into better behaviour, so they took her to the police station… where the police then charged the parents with child endangerment. Via New York Daily News

3. Actress and Twitter superstar and Alyssa Milano publicly displayed her pregnant belly at the Hall Pass movie premiere last night. Milano’s pretty attached to the Twitter with constant updates and over 1, 300, 000 followers, so we suspect this baby will definitely grow up in a very social family atmosphere. Also, she says she’s craving broccoli, which we find awesome. Via E!Online

4. Superdad Chris Shulgan finds himself scrambling to get the kids to school without a car. So he hails a cab and gets in with the kids and no car seats. Via Eye Weekly

5. And while we’re not really a cat video kind of site, we think you probably need to see this:

Photo by jakesmome via Flickr

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