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This article originally published in The Grid 

Does anyone go away for March Break anymore?

It’s just around the corner, but this year, fewer families are planning to jump on a Cuba-bound plane or load up the iPad for the drive to Florida—at least not during the school break. Families are travelling, but they’re doing it outside school holidays.

The current generation of moms and dads—let’s call them the Bueller Generation—are totally nonchalant about pulling their kids out of school for cheaper, less-crowded travel at non-peak times. These parents are making the trips learning experiences (or, at least, that’s how they sell it to the teacher). In mid-December, one Toronto dad took his children to Panama, where his son shot a couple of videos about rainforest ants and howler monkeys and made a presentation to his class.

Savvy parents pick resorts that give them some relief from child-minding and where they’ll likely find themselves in the company of fellow urbanite adults. These resorts, like Azul Fives in Mexico or The Breakers in Palm Beach, have youth clubs and satisfy a parent’s need for modern design and decent grub.

So tell the principal to expect your kid’s report on Chichen Itza and book your not–March Break trip.

Photo by J Mullhaupt via Flickr

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