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Cynthia Kinnunen and her family drove from Toronto to Orlando

Our drive to Orlando (from Toronto) was long but was not without a few interesting (or questionable) sights to see along the way. Aside from endless reams of the standard vacation/travel-type photos, we caught a few other shots.

The view at New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia. OK, this is a typical travel shot right off the bat but it was one of the most beautiful mornings on our drive.

The hotel’s sign caught our attention first but then the kids wondered about the message on the board beneath. What if your dog isn’t super? Do you need to find another hotel?

Sweet Savannah bicycle.

Bikini top in fountain. The kids wondered if some poor woman was walking around Savannah topless.

Cracker Barrel couple. Maybe they were glaring at us because they were concerned for our health as we ate our biscuits and gravy?

Backseat feet.

Florida villa ensuite artwork.

And finally, Max decided on our trip that he is starting a Devo cover band. That’s my boy.

What’s the most unusual or inspiring thing you’ve seen while travelling with your kids?

Disclosure: Cynthia’s family roadtrip to Disney World was paid for and arranged by Chevrolet Canada and @VisitOrlando.

Cynthia Kinnunen is a mom of three wonderfully quirky little people who love music, old and new-school adventures and acting as silly as possible at all times. She’s also a freelance writer who blogs for fun at Crumbs in the Minivan and Maple Mixtape.

Photo via Cynthia Kinnunen

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