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Throughout the Winter Break, we’re rounding up some of our greatest ideas for things to do.

So it’s Winter Break and you’re stuck in your city instead of a tropical resort. Big deal. Being stuck in your city isn’t a bad thing. In fact, we don’t even want you to use the word “stuck” when referring to being in your city.

Even if you think you know your city like you know the Easter eggs in Super Mario Bros. 3, there’s always a little pocket (or two or three or more) your family hasn’t explored yet. And Winter Break is the perfect time to stock up on bus tokens (or buy a day pass), pick the area that interests your family most and head there for a few solid hours of aimless wandering, sampling food from local restaurants and ducking in and out of shops.

Being a tourist for a day in your own city can be really fun, as Rebeca and her son Diego prove with their Coffee Beaners blog. The mom-and-kid team learn about New York’s neighbourhoods by way of its various coffee shops. Rebeca reviews the coffee and Diego reviews the cookies and pastries. They film little videos and write about their surroundings.

We thought this was such an amazing way to explore a different neighbourhood that we featured them in Bunchland, with some ideas for families on how to have the funnest experience doing this.

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