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Hate to break it to you, but you know how it is: Summer will be over before you know it. There is, however, still a string of sunny August days left, and we want you to make the most of it! So here’s the official Bunchland list of things you need to do before it’s back to pencils, books and lunches in the school cafeteria.

1. Get wet

Whether you laze a day away at the beach, practice your doggy paddle in the neighbourhood pool or host the biggest water balloon fight your block has ever seen, you gotta beat the heat somehow, and frankly, turning up the AC just isn’t as fun.

2. Eat Something Berry-licious

If you’re feeling adventurous, drive out to a blueberry farm and see who can pick the most pounds, but staying closer to home can be just as tasty. Visit a farmer’s market to stock up on all your favourite berries, and have fun experimenting! Are they yummiest in a smoothie? With ice cream? In a pie? Or by themselves, plain and simple? Make the most of berry season!

3. Make a new friend

Maybe the whole family’s going gaga over a new pet, or maybe the kids are begging for nonstop playdates with camp friends, but there’s something about summer that makes everyone a little bit friendlier.

4. Have An Adventure

Hop on the train and explore a nearby town, or grab your bikes and pedal over to a neighbourhood you’ve never been to. Try closing your eyes and pointing at a map to decide on your destination, or go for a drive with everyone but the driver blindfolded. Have passengers take turns giving directions, and see where you end up!

5. Read A Book

You can read aloud as a family or if your children are a little older, lounge in the backyard with your books for an afternoon.

What’s on your end-of-summer bucket list?

Images: Kenski1970, Fluttergirl, Adwriter, TM2TS and Paul Hami via Flickr.

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