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How to capture those precious early years? With a custom music video, natch

My family has completed our very first creative collaboration — and it’s a dance video!

My children inspire, delight and blow my mind on a daily basis with their pure delight and gusto. This video is a homage to the loveliness that is babies. It’s a crazy, exhausting and wonderful time.

You’ll be amazed by the fancy footwork by Emmett and the adorable squeals by Simon. And I warn you even the biggest curmudgeon amongst you may find yourself tapping your foot and just feeling utterly happy watching these little guys.



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Rose Bianchini is a writer, artist, producer and generally creative person living in Toronto’s St. Clair West neighbourhood. You might even have enjoyed some of her work at a Bunch event. See some of her many projects at RoseBiachini.com

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