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How Bunch celebrates Earth Day

Not that we’ve ever had the opportunity to gaze at it from space, but like the Discovery Channel song says, the Earth is just awesome. Think of all the people, plants and animals that live here! Think of how great it is to swim or kayak in our beautiful lakes and oceans! Think of all the vast forests, plains, mountains and jungles that you have yet to see with your own eyes!

We love Earth Day! You love Earth Day! Here are some ways to celebrate:


diy terrariums for kids

1. Have a blast learning how eco-systems work when you and your kids make your own terrariums! We like the fairy and creepy-crawlers themes, personally.

2. Get your green thumb on. Backyard guru Mark Cullen shares some tips for how to get your kids into gardening.

3. David Suzuki’s official Living Room Challenge may have come and gone, but it’s always a good time to invite your friends and family into your home for a good chat about what you can do for the environment. We especially like the local foods potluck suggestion, but then, we’re big potluck people.

4. Hmm, if Canada’s phasing out the penny, do we still do fundraisers like Pennies for the Planet? Or maybe we’ll round-up our Audubon Society donations to Nickels for Nature…

5. Wait! Before you toss those empty juice containers into the blue box, wouldn’t you rather make them into a recycled DIY dollhouse instead? This totally customizable craft makes a great home for tiny figurines. We really dig recycled crafts: check out our egg carton dragonlittle city model for driving toy cars around, and this recycled box robot!


oscar the chimpanzee

1. Oh that sneaky DisneyNature with their opening the adorable Chimpanzee documentary right before Earth Day! We thoroughly enjoyed Oscar’s story and we think you will too.

2. And if that’s your cup of tea, here are five more great nature films for kids. They’ll move your little eco-warriors to action!

3. However you choose to celebrate Earth Day, make sure you do it to a proper soundtrack. Our nature inspired playlist offers 8 goodies to rock out to, including some toe-tappers and some slow jams by The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Kinks and Jack Johnson!

4. Green reading has never been so fun. Check out our Earth Day Bunchbrary for the best in eco-education! No doom and gloom here: think “There’s a Barnyard in My Bedroom.”


1. Our round up of creepy crawly goodies are both sinister and scrumptious! Make your own swamp egg bubble tea, frog macaroons on a lilly pad, and anthill marshmallow cones! They’re as fun to make as they are to munch.

2. Eating seasonal the best way to go if you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint. Our seasonal tarts recipes incorporate spring produce like asparagus and rhubarb. They’re so simple, your kids can help every step of the way.

3. Another great green move is to go easy on the animal products. We’ll gladly ditch dairy when Eden’s vegan chocolate cake and homemade fruit ice cream is involved. This could be the easiest ice cream recipe you ever make – just throw 5 ingredients in a blender and freeze. Divine!

And remember, just because we celebrate Earth Day on April 22, doesn’t mean we can ignore our lovely planet the other 364 (or 365 in 2012’s case) days of the year. Feel free to get educated about the environment and do your part to help out on a year-round basis! We bet you’re doing it right now, you families with your bikes and reusable lunch containers!

Photos by gavinandrewstewart, nadja_robot,  angelinacupcake via Flickr

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