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Cambridge, UK-based video-maker and doting uncle Simon Panrucker was excited to discover his niece got a nice, new drum kit.

Having made a similar musical instrument-inspired video, he thought it’d be a hoot to make his niece appear to be an instantly incredible virtuoso drummer, bashing out punishing drum ‘n’ bass beats. Putting his tolerance for hours of finicky editing to the ultimate test, he recorded his two nieces and himself playing the children’s drum set, then sliced and diced the audio/sound to produce this:

Going by her fashion sense and yelping Karen O vocalizations, pretty sure we should keep track of the second giraffe-suited niece. Her future Love Is All-style garage band is sure to blow up.

Panrucker has a fantastic archive of playful and inventive videos (we think your kids will also love “Tube Tune“) and notes that he’d love to create children’s programming for the BBC. What you say, Beeb? For more delightful Simon Panrucker, check out his older video Looping Around The House (and thank his mum for her patience).

Chris Jobson of This Is Colossal notes Panrucker’s video may be inspired by Norwegian animator/musician/videographer Lasse Gjertsen; Simon says it’s a happy coincidence.

For more tiny drummers, see One Baby Band and six-year-old Avery Molek. And check out Bunch’s DIY Instruments for a 5-Piece Band if your family feels inspired.

source: Christopher Jobson of This Is Colossal via Gizmodo

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