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It’s with great satisfaction that we proclaim this day the 15th day of Dare to Draw! So far, we’ve seen some heart-warming family portraits, radical musical instruments, and stylish footwear. This weekend was no exception to the run of great drawings by our daring participants. Check out the wonderful works of the weekend!

Assignment # 13: Draw how you get to school


Hannah Potter doesn’t go to school yet, but that didn’t stop her from picturing what it might be like to stand in front of the school bus, waiting to join the rest of the kids in their pink outfits.

Assignment #14: Draw your smile

Now this is a smile that means business. The long, batty lashes make a nice compliment to the fierce chompers. Hannah Potter, your pictures kind of make our day. (ed. — those lashes are 100% accurate)

Assignment #15: Draw your home














Hannah stands in front of her house beside her minivan as dad waters a big green tree. Santa Claus also seems to have made an untimely appearance (see the chimney). That’s cool, we wish he’d come around more often too.

Keep checking in on our Dare to Draw Facebook page for more drawings and fun stuff!

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