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Think you know how to make a good looking cake? Don’t even try.

10 Totally Over-the-Top Cakes

Carrot In The Ground Cake

If you have the mad skills required to make this, it could also be a nature lesson. Don’t you have things to do?

James Bond Wedding Cake

Debating which is creepier: this one or the baby cake?

Baby Cake

Adorable until you have to serve the cake. Then it’s just upsetting.


Octopus Cake

Few things will dissuade me from sweets, but I just lost my appetite.

Ice Age Cake

Try cutting into this cake without feeling a little sad. Too cute.

Camera Cake

Nikon and red velvet, you say. Can I try?

Snake Cake

The stuff of nightmares. I’d try a piece maybe if I were blindfolded.

Pigs In The Mud Cake

I’m so distracted by the barrel sides being made from KitKat bars, I can almost tear my eyes from the pool of chocolate.

The real question is, which cake will satisfy?

source: Bored Panda

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