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It’s Victoria Day in Canada — the day where, all across the country, neighbour motivates neighbour to shake off old cobwebs, clean up old leaves and make their garden beautiful once again.

We know. You’ve got kids. You’re busy. Your house is a mess. So what?

We’ve found some super easy garden ideas you can do with the kids – with stuff you likely have lying around your messy home anyway. These ideas will work for a balcony too!

Make Wind Chimes Out of Painted Tin Cans

Raid your recycling bin and up-cycle tin cans to make your garden sound and look beautiful. For how-to-instructions, go here.

Make a Planter Out of an Old Shoe or Boot

Got some old shoes around the house you haven’t gotten around to donating (or, if they’re in really bad shape, chucking out) – turn them into flower pots! Drill holes in the bottom for drainage – and for added colours, let the kids paint them.

Make Art Out of What’s in Your Garden

Your kids probably take blades of grass and twist them around rocks already – so why not turn land art into a family activity? For thoughts on the beauty of turning nature into art for kids, read this great interview with U.K. land artist Richard Shilling.

Want to do more?

Most garden centres attached to big-box stores are open today, though their respective stores are closed. But check around your neighbourhood: some local garden centres may be open as well. Above all, have fun!

source: here + here

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