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Give your favourite dad what he really wants this Father’s Day: a pair of super-cool monster socks

He might not know it yet, but the dad in your life probably needs a sweet pair of custom-made, ferociously fierce DIY monster socks for Father’s Day.

These little guys are inexpensive, fun and quick to make with your kids, and we know they’d be a welcome addition to any dude-ular dad’s sock drawer.

You Need:

  • Fabric paint
  • Paint brushes
  • New socks
  • Cup of water (to rinse brushes)
  • Paper towel (to dry brushes)


  1. Lay your socks out flat on a covered surface. Make sure they are lint and dirt free!
  2. Put paint on a plastic surface, like an old yogurt lid. Keep a glass of water on hand and some paper towel to wash your brushes.
  3. Starting with the main colour, paint an outline of a monster on the toe of the socks.  You can try and keep the monster’s mouth at the seam at the bottom of the sock, or go totally crazy and put the mouth at the top. Go nuts!
  4. While painting, you might have to stretch the fabric to make sure the paint saturates the fabric. You might also need a second coat, depending on what kind of socks you’re using.
  5. Fill in the secondary colours once your main colour is dry. Add accents like polka dots and stripes.
  6. Let the socks dry completely. Depending on what kind of fabric paint you’re using, you may have to iron it after.
  7. Give the monster socks to your favourite dad for Father’s Day, comme ça;

Bonus? These babies also double as… SOCK PUPPETS! So you can put on your own puppet show with them, too. (Just be sure to wash them first.)

Happy Father’s Day!

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