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Sure, you can find some really beautiful menorahs out there, but why not try make one with the family?

Sometime over the next six nights, try out one of these doably awesome Hanukkah crafts.

This simple bottle affair from Ready Made is stunning. And you barely need to look at the instructions, because it is just what it looks like: spray-painted bottles with blue candles. (via ohdeedoh)

Also from ohdeedoh is this uber kid-friendly menorah made up of recycled jars, tissue paper and LED lights.

Check out Ready Made Editor-in-Chief on Aparently Speaking lighting the shamash on this baby food jar menorah. Clean jars and fill with clear lamp oil and punch a hole in the lids. Thread in some candle wick and do the same with one slightly larger jar.

Lamp oil and lit flames not your thing? Here’s an adorable fire-free menorah from Parents.com. Paint nine wooden spools, stick in multi-coloured pencils for the “candles” and to light each candle, top pencil with yellow eraser.

Photo by elstudio via Flickr

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