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School is officially back in session, and we’ve got the best way to get your brains back in shape: make slime! Using science!

Connor, the 16-year-old entrepreneur behind Connor’s Kits for Kids, mailed us his Polymer Power kit, and we’re pretty stoked to try it. It’s just one of four kits you can buy from Connor’s website.


You can see Polymer Power in action in the video up there, shot when Connor did one of his many visits to schools to get kids interested in science (and starting their own business they way he did).

The thing we love about Connor is that, unlike your 81-year-old chem teacher from high school, he actually makes learning about science easy and fun. And no, he’s not a nerd. Just a really smart kid who didn’t like the science kits out there, so he made his own. “I was frustrated with the kits I bought. They were expensive, and they didn’t explain how and why everything worked. And a lot of them were targeted to girls, making soap or perfume. They were pink and covered with flowers, so I didn’t really want to buy that.”

Not satisfied with being told scientific reactions are “magic,” Connor doesn’t dumb down his explanations to kids when he’s doing a demo. “I get blown away by the questions. Just how they understand what I’m talking about. Kids ask what the chemicals are actually called.”

If you want to get your kids jazzed about science, Connor offers these easy suggestions:

1. Encourage kids to make observations about the world around them and ask questions. If you’re cooking and they ask why the oil is floating on top of the water, take the time to explain it to them. And if you don’t know why, look it up on the Internet together!

2. Come up with your own experiments. For example, you can buy some baking soda and vinegar at the grocery store and make a volcano. Kids might not even realize it’s science until you explain the chemical reaction.

3. Cook together! Kids will learn about how different flavours work together, and they’ll produce something people like eating and be proud of themselves.

4. Grab a book of science experiments from the library to inspire you. I recommend 101 Great Science Experiments. Some of the experiments are making your own ice cream, discovering hidden colours and making a plant maze!

For more science-related awesomeness, check out this simple experiment.

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