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Well, some of us got that sinking ohh nooo feeling when we saw the date today: Christmas is a week away.

Luckily for Bunch readers our guest craft blogger Siri has an exquisite craft. Not only are these ornaments gorgeous, they are easy and intuitive to make. They require no tools (just firm beading wire) and very little in the way of materials: you can even repurpose broken jewelry, toys or found objects. Siri made things really easy (and inspiring!) for us with her lovely photos. Enlist your kids for an afternoon of fun:

Siri says:

  • Start by cutting a thin wire about 60cm (2ft) long, or a bit shorter for children. Slide a bead to the middle and twist the wire a few times to secure it.

  • To make a circle, add some beads to both strings separately, then join by threading the last bead from both directions. This is just a suggestion – circles are optional!

  • Keep going in whatever pattern seems right at the moment. Any kind of beads work, especially old dismantled jewellery or even found objects such as small rocks, acorns or Barbie shoes.
  • Twisted wire stretches between each ‘bead event’ tend to keep the look of the ornament nice and airy.

  • After a while, start tying back into previous beads, more than once and on different planes for spacial effect.
  • When you run out of wire or decide to end, make sure you have a loop long enough to wrap around a spruce or pine branch, and secure the wire by twisting it around a previous loop.
Some variations 
Siri Ursin is an architect, a parent and a periodic crafter. Her crafts usually result in small objects that have little or no function. She lives in Toronto.
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