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If you had to choose who you thought would be the first to feature LGBTTQ characters on a show, Disney or Sesame Street, who would you pick?

That’s right. Disney. Disney is more queer positive. The empire that is methodically princess-ifying every little girl on the planet features lesbian mom characters on an episode of Good Luck Charlie airing this fall.

While the two-mom family will only appear in one episode, the show isn’t about the fact that Charlie has a friend with two moms. The lesbian moms just happen to be there, like they’re no big deal at all. Meanwhile Sesame Street, the multi-coloured muppet-dominated non-profit that tells girls to love their natural hair and that “Princess is not a career,” whose recent Little Children, Big Challenges videos tackle serious issues like illness, divorce, and having a parent in prison offers zip, zero, nothing, nada on the queer front.

What’s wrong with this un-rainbow coloured picture? As I’ve written in the past and as Mombian recently wrote, it’s long past time for Sesame Street to introduce some queer content on their show.

Disney has flirted with a lesbian mom family in the past, where a participant in Make Your Mark happened to have two lesbian moms. Meanwhile, Sesame Street has featured queer human guests on the show such as Lily Tomlin and Neil Patrick Harris as the ‘Fairy Shoe Person’ but scores a big zero on the queer content front. And of course, they deny Bert and Ernie are a couple

Which is why I smile at the recent New Yorker, which gave Sesame Street a nudge this week with their amazing cover referencing the overturn of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), shown above. It’s a nudge which tells Sesame Street denial is a river in Egypt and it’s time for pop culture’s longest-loved gay couple to gay-up.  Not everyone was thrilled about the cover or felt it was the right way to mark the DOMA defeat, but I was.

I mean, being out-queered by Disney. That’s just embarassing

Meri Perra lives with her amazing family, tiny cat and massive cargo bike in Toronto’s downtown east end.

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